Theatre Wars Episode 341 (EN)

After the jump through the dimension-gate, our actor has to face a horrible situation:

„Who are they? What do they want from us? Who is behind all that? Our resistance is shattered. They have herded up all of us anaesthetists. They are going to enslave or destroy us. You’ll find details in the autotransfusiondroid. The activation code is printed in the last protocol. You are their only match – please help us!“

We are pleased to present episode 341 of the glorious Force Health Rebels-Series from director Dr. Thomas Herbst. Please double check that you have turned on the volume. May the force health be with you. dürfen die Theatre-Wars nicht weiter für das Streaming bereitstellen.

Wir bedauern diesen Umstand. Stellvertretend für die überwältigenden Rückmeldungen von Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus unzähligen Kliniken, Ländern und Kontinenten, möchten wir uns bei den Produzenten bedanken.

We should be pleased, if you would leave us a comment. This is simply, because we need supporters for our movie-director that he will continue with episode 342.

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